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We have lived in our home for almost 9 years. Over those years we've done some updates like new tile in the kitchen and bathroom and painting the exterior of our home but my décor hasn't been moved around much.

You know those "AhhhHA" moments?! I recently had one when thinking of our home. I want our home to be inviting (check out 3 Steps to Creating an Inviting Home), my family to feel at peace and welcomed and loved as soon as they hit our doorstep. I want to keep the biblical model of honoring our home, being a help mate to my husband and nurturing our children well. And I felt as though I was in a slump with our home of being robotic and just "getting by" mode. 

It seems for so many years as our four kids we're tiny it was a huge challenge to just keep the dishes done and laundry washed let alone make thing eye appealing. Now our children are all at school age and I'm at the point in my journey that I can spend more energy in making the heart of our home to fit my personal style and functions. This marks the journey of re-creating each corner of our home one by one. 

One Corner at a Time

This is our living room, well one corner of it. It serves the purpose of a meeting place for our family but the flow has not been great. 
I've found when I love and value something I'm more likely to care for it well. Just like this space. It wasn't doing it for me. The wall décor has been up since we moved in with great expectations of finishing the photo collage and adding photos of our other two kids who have come along. 
I find a lot of joy in creating beautiful pieces for others and painting furniture but my home does not represent that love well.

 This wall hanging has been something to just fill the space but no real enjoyment comes from it.


I've now created a piece of art that I love, is with the current home trends and truly represents how I want my family to feel when they enter this room.

 Our Lucy dog is getting old and spends most of her days warming spots on our couch for the kids to sit. 

 This mirror was in another room of our home. I moved it into the living room to help give some depth with the reflection of light.
 The wreath hanging around the mirror was one I made with some craft wire, dried grass I cut down from the pasture and one of those metal wreath forms.
The metal "sconces" we're given to me by a friend who found them in her mom's chicken coop. LOVE that they we're truly farm used and at one time served a purpose other than holding some flowers.
And now, I truly feel like this corner of our home is meeting our needs at this time. Its far more eye appealing and simple. 

May your weekend be blessed friends! 
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Who Else Has Trouble Sleeping? Check out THIS great read.

3 Steps to creating an Inviting Home

Our home's are a direct reflection of ourselves.
We each have different style types, needs and functions. 
Regardless of your décor there are three simple steps that you can implement to help your home to feel more inviting. 

1. Open the window dressings. 
Its so welcoming to come into a home filled with natural light! Not to mention the rooms feel bigger when you can see outdoors. 

 2. Add personal touches. 
Each style type is unique. I love the simple touches like a well placed pillow, a welcome sign or a favorite piece of pottery. Your goal isn't to over stimulate your eyes with lots of things, but rather to have touches of your personality. 
 3. Have living plants. 
Plants contribute to the feeling of wellbeing, helping you to become calmer and more optimistic (and that's how we want guests to feel when they walk into our homes) along with a dozen other health benefits.  Plus it adds an additional texture to your space that helps to give more of a inviting feeling. 

May your week be blessed and your home inviting! 
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Perfect Spring EO Blend

Spring is here you all! Even if it doesn't feel like it outside. 

I've been diffusing this blend recently that has such a relaxing scent. Reminds you of being in a field of wildflowers. It's truly a relaxing, stress free blend perfect for this time of year. 

Give it a try! I know your kiddos will love it too!

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A Wake-Up Story

This video explains one of the reasons we choose to shop from an eco friendly conscious manufacture.

The amount of chemicals and toxins that are in our daily routines is staggering and studies have found direct links to allergies, asthma, skin conditions, reproductry problems and even cancer.

In February of this year a study was released stating that cleaning products are as bad for our lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day (Read more about that study HERE).

I truly believe as parents its one of our duties to provide the best that we can for our children. Switching where we shop for our necessities is just a small step but has provided a big impact for our overall health. Check out all of the resources that are available at


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Transformation Tuesday: Winter Flower Pots

The countdown to spring is on! 
We've finally seen some warm days and the snow is melting and I can now see my front yard again. And its a bit dull.
 I spent about 10 minutes to liven it up and didn't spend a dime. 
 Our local eclectic company trimmed some trees by our home this past week and left the trimmings next to the trees. 
 I grabbed the handsaw and chopped up the branches so they would fit in my pots that we're feeling so very sad. 
Gives our dirt driveway a little green in the mist of all of the dry grass, mud and bland yard appearance this time of year. 

 There was enough clippings from the branches that I was able to fill the pot on the front porch as well to change up the winter décor. 
Wishing you all a week full of wellness! 

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Feel, Do, Live WELL

In life we miss 100% of the opportunities we never take. 

Often the way we feel plays heavily on the decisions we make.

If you feel well you can do well and in turn you live well! 

My wish for you today as you move through the minutes of your routines is that you find wellness from within. That you feel content to enjoy each moment so you can truly LIVE WELL! 

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A Season for Everything

We have had snow on the ground for weeks now. Its beautiful and brings moisture yet leaves me so cold and seems so bare out. 

A few days ago the kids got home from school and wanted to sled on our snow pile mountain. As I walked past the backdoor God stopped me and I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness!

The smiles that I saw we're of true happiness and joy. Laughter and giggles filled the stillness of our driveway, and I was brought to tears. You see, I had been so focused on how bitterly cold it was and how it made me feel that I missed out on how truly beautiful this season is. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says this... 
"There is a time for everything,    and a season for every activity under the heavens:" 

A TIME for EVERYTHING and a SEASON for every activity under the heavens! Don't let the "coldness" of the season stop you from finding time, an open heart and joy in enjoying the activities that are right in front of you. 

Be present. 

Embrace the moment that your in right now in your life.

For this is the season and the specific time in your life that God created you for. 

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