We're weeks away from Valentines day! 
My house needs a little splash of seasonal décor so I made this LOVE sign and I LOVE it!!! 
Check out the step by step below so you can make your own. 

I started with a piece of used wood out of my scrap pile. This project can be made any size and honestly with any type of wood.

I have some stencils that I've used for other projects that I chose to use. If you don't have stencils you can purchase a pack at your local hobby store or print off letters of your size and style on card stock, cut the letters out and you will have your very own stencil. 

Then use white paint to fill your stencil. I used two coats on this particular project to get the desired look I wanted.

I then sanded the piece of wood after the letters had dried. I wanted this piece to look old and faded.

You'll notice I spaced out my letters enough to place my heart. 

 These adorable hearts we're purchased at my local Hobby store for under $5.00 each.
 Then glue your hearts into your desired placement on your sign and hang! Simple yet adorable! 
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A plan for your finances

For a lot of us, as we started the year one of our new years resolutions was to take control of our finances. But what action do you have in place to do so?
Yesterday I was able to go to the grocery store and buy the things our family needed. My cart was full! And it humbled me. In January 2007 our budget was far different. We struggled to buy things like a gallon of milk. I felt small and defeated every time the monthly bills we're due or needing a tank of gas in the car. 

The reason I'm sharing this is for those of you in that boat now. Or maybe your not to that extreme but need to put purpose to your finances. This year my mission is to share the tools, resources and what I've learned over the past 11 years that has blessed our family and our finances. 

I want to help you to gain control, gain peace of mind, encourage you and help you gain choices! 

Here's to 2018 and becoming financially well! 

the first step

Starting today I want you to vow to take control of your finances. To gain that "No Matter What" mentality that will drive you forward with purpose to stop living in this cycle. Lets roll up our sleeves and design a plan! 

One of the things that I implemented years ago was a system for keeping track of our bills, expenses and knowing what we owed (and we owed a lot!!!). 

Print off January and February Finances pages.
March through December will be appearing here soon. 
Right click on this image, save it to your computer and print. 

Next your going to put action into place! This isn't a race but a journey as you design a plan that WILL work for your family. 
It's easy to start with January as some of your bills you've already paid. Look back through your check register and write down the bill, amount you paid, when the due date was and the balance (if applicable) for that account. 
Next, write out your goal. 
If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.  – Zig Ziglar

Is your goal something like: 
"To gain control of our finances".
"To have more money than month".
"To keep a positive bank balance all month". 
"To pay off our home".

What ever your goal is for the month/year, write it down! This will drive you forward to continue to be purposeful with your finances. 

Here's to your financial wellness in this new year! 

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Bless this year!

 Happy 2018 Friends! 
This is the blessing I've been praying over this year. 
 Bless this year with love and light. 
 Bless this year with faith and sight. 
 Bless this year with grace and ease.
Bless this year with joy and peace. 
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DIY Christmas Chalkboard Gift

When at all possible I prefer to give non-electronic gifts. I think there is a little piece of magic inside receiving something that's handmade as well. Here is a DIY project that anyone can make and will provide lots of entertainment, no matter the age. 

DIY tic-tac-toe Chalkboard

 Here's what you'll need Chalk Board Spray paint, a ruler, masking tape and a piece of lumber. I used a 1x10 (the board I used measured out to be 9 1/4 across making the measurements easy). 
I chose to make a few different styles by staining my first piece. 

 Then measure out your lumber and apply your masking tape. I would also recommend taping the edges so you can avoid bleeding from the spray paint onto the edges.

 You will then head outside and spray paint your piece of wood. I applied two coats of Chalk Board spray paint allowing it to dry for 20 min before I applied a second layer.

 For a little more fun you can paint the backside with your chalk board paint as well. 
Partner your board with some chalk and you have a perfect handmade gift. 
Christmas blessings!

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5 Tips for a Debt Free Christmas

The Christmas season is here you guys! 
Our family is so excited for all things winter. 

In a world where we are striving for the best Black Friday deal or the most bang for our buck on Cyber Monday, I want to encourage you to change your mindset this year and celebrate the new year without a mountain of Credit Card debt hanging over your head. 

5 Tips for a Debt Free Christmas

1. Create a List! It's incredibly helpful to know who your buying for. This helps you to keep from overspending and impulse buying not knowing if you have everyone. 
Below are a few printable Christmas gift lists I adore. 
Find this Printable HERE.
Find this Printable HERE.

2. Create a Holiday Gift Budget! I found this Printable over at and love the layout. Be sure to hop over and print it out and USE it! 
Find this Printable HERE.
3. Resist Temptation! This might be one of the hardest tips! Around the holidays there is a surplus of flyers that have very enticing deals, commercials with all of the newest gadgets and at the checkout lines you'll find "specials" that are strategically placed there for the shoppers to grab. Stick to your list and avoid those little extras that all add up to hundreds of dollars on stuff we don't need. 

4. Pay for gifts with Cash! Before you head out to do your Christmas shopping stop by the bank and grab some cash. With your budget in hand you'll be able to pull out the right amount of cash that will enable you to buy for those on your gift list without putting it on a credit card. 

5. If you don't have cash on hand then it's time to add to your budget! Check out my series on way's to add to your Christmas budget. Simple steps daily will help you to have the money in hand to avoid overspending. 
Click HERE to read on.

May your Christmas season be full of Wellness and Prosperity! 

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Make some Christmas cash: Day 3

We're a family of 6. 
Anything we do seems  IS expensive.... gift giving x 6, travel expenses x 6, grocery shopping x 6, eating out x 6, events x 6. 
I love our big family but man are we expensive, I'm sure many of you can relate! 

So the more cash we have on hand for the holidays the less stressed I am and the more enjoyable the season is. 

Bring in a Secondary Income the Traditional way: Work! 

Lots of businesses look for seasonal workers during the Holiday season. This does require some scheduling that might not work for everyone's schedule especially if you have little kids that might need someone to care for them. 

There are also online options where you can earn a pay-check from the comfort of your home computer or smart phone. This option has been best for me personally because of my 4 kids. If you look for ways to earn an income online I encourage you to do your research. THIS (Click HERE) is a great article to help you navigate what you should be watching for as you move through this sector. 

Wishing you a day full of wellness! 

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Make some Christmas Cash: Day 2

All this week we are talking about way's we can add some cash to our budgets for Christmas. 

One way you can make some cash is to provide a service for others. 
Think of out of the box ideas that would help relieve pressure or aid time to others. 

Things like putting up outside Christmas décor, wrapping gifts, sending out packages or Christmas cards, babysitting for Moms who need to do Christmas shopping etc. 

These tasks might not make you rich but it will help put cash in your pocket for the holidays. A bonus is many of these projects older kids can do as well to make some spending cash. 

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