Always with a smile

 Our youngest is always wanting to be helpful and present. I love that! I know one day he will rather be playing with friends or helping his Daddy. But while he's little and wants to be with me I will cherish every moment (and photo he wants to be in). 

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Laundry Room Decor

One of those things we all have to do. Might as well make your laundry room a 
cute/functional space! 

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Bathroom Decor...

 Bathroom signs have quickly become one that is requested often.
Here are a few that I've designed in the past few months. 

They make for great conversational pieces as well!!!

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Kitchen Sign Goodness

 Happy Monday! 
It feels good to start a new week and new month on the same day to me. 

Here are a few Kitchen Signs that I have recently designed and made. All true statements when it comes to our kitchen. 

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Photo Studio Pieces

 These pieces we're designed and created for a new photo studio not too far away. 
So excited to see them in her space! 

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DIY Leather Essential Oil Diffuser

I'm a huge lover of our Essential Oils! We diffuse, inhale and wear them daily. One place that was needing a little EO love was our car. 
 I had some scrap pieces of leather that I knew would be perfect. 
 Use a leather whole punch and punch a small whole in location of choice.
 Add a round jump hook. 
 A little "believe" inspiration.
 And I used small cord jute so I will be able to attach it to the car vent/review mirror. 
 Leather is very porous and makes for a great carrier for the oils. 
(Make sure the oils you are using are tested for purity and quality and don't fall under the "therapeutic grade myth". The oils I use we get at wholesale and have changed our family day to day).
Hang on your car vent system or rear view mirror. 
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A New Year

Happy 2019! 

I've been setting goals for the new year! And one of my biggest is to create a home of peace, love, laughter and a refuge for my family and those who walk through our doors. 

One of the simplest ways is to decorate our home in a way that is light and fun and doesn't break the bank. Just like this super cute sign I just finished. Adorable, right!? 

For more ideas on getting your bathroom ready for a new year click HERE.

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