Sunday's Garden

I haven't had a garden for a couple of years and I'm THRILLED to have one this year. We had this house built in Oct of 09 so I'm starting from scratch. This year I've tried raised beds in hopes that it will cut down on weeding. This bed contains Peppers (left), Lettuce, Carrots, Onions and Potatoes. My onions we're up first, then lettuce, potatoes. My carrots are just peaking through now and peppers we're bought in town.
This bed I just planted this last week. From left I have two circles of Zuccini, Culiflower, and Green Beans. Nothing is up yet, but we're watering daily :).
In the tall box I have a couple of Strawberry plants. From advice I've gotten they say to plant Stawberrys in a container. From past experience I always kill Strawberrys. In the small planter I have a couple of plants that my grandmother gave to me (on left). I'm not sure what there called but they have purple blooms and are bulb plants. Then a Hen and Chick (that came out of my Great Grandmother's yard). And in the back I planted some cilantro, I love fresh Cilantro!

I have my Tomatoes planted in this rectangular box. Three tomatoe plants and marigolds in between. FYI Marigolds help keep bugs off of your tomatoe plants.

And here are my little gardeners! They love playing in the dirt. Here there making mud pies.
I'm unsure if I'm going to plant grass around my beds or try something else? I've thought about mulch but you can't walk across it bare foot and I find we're always bare foot. Maybe pavers or I've even thought about that recycled rubber that is the size of pea gravel. Still not sure.
So here's a peace of my garden - It's such a good feeling to get outside and put my hands in the dirt. Now to keep it watered!

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Unknown said...

WOW! When we get that dream house you are going to have to give me some tips on Gardening Thats SO COOL!


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