Time Zone Help

 I work with people all over the United States and it amazes me that some folks out there don't know what time zone they live in. I've grown up right on the MST/CST zone my entire life - so is that why I'm aware of it? Or did one of my teachers do a really good job sharing the differences with me? I do agree though that it would be much easier if we we're all in the same time zone!

One thing I do love though is no matter what time zone one is in or state or city we all have things in common. I have a biz partner in SD who loves horses just like I do, a biz partner in MI who loves her MOPs group just like I do, a biz partner in TX who is a very strong Christian just like I am, a biz partner in OH who has 4 kids just like I do, and the very cool thing is that I get to work with these everyday Moms and somehow we make the time zone difference work!

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