Got Stress?!?

We often think of stress as a black cloud that follows us around, waiting for it to open up the head gates and let the bad stuff down on us. When in fact stress is often self inflicted and we're the ones who set up the conditions in which it thrives in.

As busy Moms we often take on more than we can handle, overspend and by doing so we gain money worries, and we're so disorganized we can't find important papers or even our keys.

Here are a few things Stress causes:

  • Lack of sleep or over sleeping.

  • Unproductivity in life or even business related.

  • Depression and/or short temper.
So what are some ways we can eliminate stress and therefore live higher quality lives with more productivity and sense of Success?

Identify Your Biggest Stressors: This may take some time to sit back and write down the things that trigger you to become stressed and unfocused.

Identify a Way to Cut Back on that Stress: Maybe the idea of making 7 dinner meals per week is a stress factor. An easy solution might be to plan 2 nights per week to eat out or to cook ahead.

Identify the Activities that are Most Important to You: By doing so you'll learn to focus on those tasks rather than all of the small stuff. And remember it's ok to say "NO" to things.

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