20 Things I want My Girls to Always Know

 As my girls have grown my heart has been overfilled with love, lessons learned and thankfulness. As we are venturing into pre-teen years I have no fears and worries, but beyond these I want my girls always to feel and know they are loved, along with a few other things.

  1. You are a gift and should be treated as such.
  2. I'm so Thankful God chose me to be your Mom.
  3. You are to talented to be afraid to reach for your hearts desires.
  4. Without you are family would NOT be complete. 
  5. Respect yourself.
  6. Dress like a princess, with grace and dignity.
  7. Always show kindness.
  8. SMILE! 
  9. Never be afraid to do what you know is right.
  10. I'll never forget holding you as a baby and how you have changed me.
  11. You've made me cry as I have made you, but I will always forgive you.
  12. Your laughter makes me so joyful and it should be heard by everyone!
  13. Dream big.
  14. Don't be afraid of hard work. 
  15. Love your sisters (and little brother) fiercely.
  16. If you feel afraid pray and then come to me and I will always help you.
  17. You may be one day bigger than me but you will always be my baby.
  18. Grades are important but not as important as the effort and work you put behind what you do. Do Your Best!
  19. Sing often, it lifts the heart.
  20. You are one of the few who truly knows the sound of my heart and how strongly it beats to love, protect, provide, laugh with and hold you tight. 
My sweet, beautiful girls - never lose your sparks, laughter, gifts, memories, scars, heart for God, knowledge of right and wrong and family bonds, for these are what make you, YOU.

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