Monday, October 16, 2017

5 Touches to Create a Welcoming Home

As I read my devotional this morning these words stuck out to me...
"Help me to create a peaceful, restful, safe, welcoming home."

As my husband, children and guests come in and out of our home I want them to feel all of these things and there are simple things that I do to help to encourage this kind of home environment. 

5 Touches to Create a Welcoming Home

1. A tidy home is more than having the dishes done and the floor vacuumed. Its the process of having things in their place and clean - so when others, in particular my family, come into our home they feel like they can find a place to sit and just be. 
2. Smell good! A home that smells good is so inviting to me. This might be a seasonal scent, one of my favorite essential oil combos in the diffuser or cookies in the oven - either way the aroma of my home makes me feel different ways. 
3. Front door Love. Having something pretty at the entrance of our home is one of my favorites! I want everyone that enters our doors to feel welcomed and thought of. I feel like that starts at the entrance. There are simple things you can add like a wreath, chalkboard sign or vinyl "Welcome" that really give an extra touch. 
4. Eat! Our senses play such a roll in how we react and fee. One of those senses is that of taste. I keep quick and easy treats close by that I can have out in minuets if a guest pops by. Candy corn this time of year is in my cupboard and I often bake bread and have it sitting close by to cut and have out. 
5. You! Some of the most welcoming experiences are those that when I pull up to someones door they meet me with a smile and a warm hug that makes me feel at peace and like I'm supposed to be there. 

Blessings my friends! May you be able to bless those who enter into your home. They may be your children, spouse, friends, family or those you are just now meeting - but may they be welcomed and feel loved as they enter your doors! 

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