3 Steps to creating an Inviting Home

Our home's are a direct reflection of ourselves.
We each have different style types, needs and functions. 
Regardless of your décor there are three simple steps that you can implement to help your home to feel more inviting. 

1. Open the window dressings. 
Its so welcoming to come into a home filled with natural light! Not to mention the rooms feel bigger when you can see outdoors. 

 2. Add personal touches. 
Each style type is unique. I love the simple touches like a well placed pillow, a welcome sign or a favorite piece of pottery. Your goal isn't to over stimulate your eyes with lots of things, but rather to have touches of your personality. 
 3. Have living plants. 
Plants contribute to the feeling of wellbeing, helping you to become calmer and more optimistic (and that's how we want guests to feel when they walk into our homes) along with a dozen other health benefits.  Plus it adds an additional texture to your space that helps to give more of a inviting feeling. 

May your week be blessed and your home inviting! 
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