Through the Changes of Life

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrew 13:8 As a child, I grew up with divorced parents from the age of 2. I knew they both loved me but I knew my family makeup was a bit different than friends I had that had both parents in the home. My parents lived four hours away from one another and some of my earliest memories we're that long car ride back and forth across state lines from one parents home to the next. At my mom's home I was the only child and at my dads house I was the oldest of four kids. I always felt that I had the best of both worlds but I had to learn how to guard my feelings well going back and forth. To know that I often didn't blend in right away from one home to the other. Over the years and hundreds of miles back and forth I learned that there would often be a lot of change from one visit to the next and that I would often feel misplaced until I settled back into the household routine. The change of scenery, homes, people and circumstances helped me to grow into a person who can quickly adapt to new situations, and as an adult its a positive trate I believe I have. Through all of that back and forth God has remained next to me helping me to know that I'm not alone and that He is right by my side through it all. Father God, thank you for never changing and holding me ever so tightly through the under currents of life. Thank you for reminding me Father that the change in my life doesn't happen by chance and that your beside me through it all. Thank you Jesus for never changing!
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