12 Days of handmade Christmas gifts: DAY 9

I'm on day 9 of handmade Christmas gifts. This one is super simple... I started with some festive fabric, and I cut it into 12/12 squares.
I then ironed the pieces and edges. I've found when sewing it makes the project much simpler if you spend some time ironing.
I then ran a simple stitch all the way around the squares.
I beaded some wire and made hooks on the ends. (You can find pre-cut wire at any craft store).
And Ta-DA! Handmade fabric napkin sets. A great addition to any ones holiday table. I have a friend in mind that I'm going to give these two.

On a side note my youngest daughter will be turning 1 tomorrow! It amazes me how quick time fly's. My great grandmother once told me that time is like angels.. it fly's away :) We'll be having a little celebration tomorrow for the big 1 year old. God has blessed us with her.

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Alyssa said...

Hey Girlie!

LOVE the 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts :o) I'm a Follower!



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