Developing a Dream Board

Goals are huge! By writing your goals down they become 9 times more attainable. So what about a Dream board? A Dream board is a visual expression of your goals. Here are a few tips on making your own dream board:
1. Create your dream board on a piece of card stock.
2. You'll want to print off pictures of things you want to have, places you want to go or personal desires.
3. Place realistic dates next to your photos. Being precise about when you want to achieve your goal helps you to put a time line into perspective.
4. Once you've built Your Dream Board, be sure to place it in a place that you see often in your home.
This is an example of my Dream Board, I have both personal and business related goals that I WILL achieve!



Anonymous said...

Love it, I totally agree! You are so good.

DivaCafe said...

Great idea!

If you don't have defined goals and can see them in front of you on a regular basis... they tend to slip out of your mind!

ComeHome2Work said...

LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for sharing, Sabrina. When you look at those dreams every day soon you will realize they are a REALITY! You are the best!

♥ LLL with Leslie ♥ said...


I am stopping by from FMBT.I am your newest follower. Please follow me too. Have a great day!


Hyde said...

That is a great idea!!!!!

New follower!

Rebecca said...

I love this!!!! Following you from FMBT


MommyToTwoBoys said...

In the video of The Secret, a man realizes he actually bought the house from his dream board, that he had looked at for years, then tucked away. Proof that dream boards do work! I like how you have dates with your pictures, great idea.


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