Looking back on 2010!

2010 was a great year! We did a lot of fun things and looking back here are a few of our highlights.....

We girls spent some fun time with Nana.

Made a snow lady.

Cadence smiled for the first time.

Had some fun sister time.

Went on a shopping trip with some of our best friends!

Roofed our house- Chris and I did it!!!!!!

Helped my in-laws celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Saw a few beautiful rainbows from our front porch.

Our Dog Lucy had a liter of puppies.

Had a few Pedi. days :) So glad I have girls!

Played with the horses.

Mandy took swimming lessons for the first time, passed and ready for next years.

Met a really good friend for the first time in person!

Fooled around with some turtles, One of our favorite pass times while checking cows in the summer months.

Rode horses - One of my favorites!

I learned how to make this cool scarf out of old t-shirts.

Dedicated Cadence. It's amazing to me how much she has grown this year.

Spent lots of fun time with the entire Maddux family!!!

Mandy learned how to sew.

My oldest girl turned 5!

My baby turned 1!

And my Middle girl- Lily, she turned 3!!!

Checked cows a lot.

More time on the back of a horse.

Chris feed his cows by hand.

Took our girls to a pumpkin patch for the first time.

Mandy and Lilian we're flower girls in our Cousin Jenny's wedding.

Cadence gained 12 new teeth in 2010.

I became an aunt to my sister Jessie's little bundle.... Charlie Marie! Such a huge highlight!

We've been blessed in 2010 and are so excited for a prosperous 2011. Whoop!
Courage, Sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice. ~Bethany Hamilton

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