Old House Charm

 Aren't these amazing images? It's even cooler to know that that's our house! In 2009 we had our basement poured and moved a house from a neighboring town.
Our house was built in the 50's, so it isn't new but it isn't really old either. I LOVE the feel of an old house. The charm is irreplaceable!
5 Things I LOVE about Old House Charm
1.Waynes Coating:
I love, love, love the look of Waynes Coating. I found this image on Pinterest and it just feels like home to me.
 This past fall I did a little piece of Waynes Coating in our entry way. It's the spot where my girls leave their backpacks and hang their coats.

2. Solid Wood Doors:
I grew up in a very old house that had solid wood panel doors. It feels so charming to walk into a house with old doors! This is on my house bucket list to be able to have doors like these throughout.
 3. Old Hardware:
The typical brass door knobs most homes have now days serve a purpose but there just not as eye appealing as the old ones. These face plates are so pretty!
4. Old Window Trim and Woodwork:
Builder grade trim has nothing on the beauty and craftsmanship of the trim in old homes. I love the look of this room and the trim is to die for!
5. Farm House Sink:
What a peaceful kitchen! That sink screams "Look At Me". (Again this photo was from Pinterest).
 I love reading comments, so share your favorite tips about old house charm!

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