Once Upon a Time there we're Two Little Girl Scouts...

 ... and their names we're Mandy and Lilian!
We're so proud to have Girl Scouts in our house! The girl's have been having so much fun which makes it fun for all of us. Girl Scout Cookie Season has just begun too this last weekend and we we're able to sell all of the cookies the girls had and are waiting for our next order this week.
 I had a Party 31 Party a few months ago and got some super cute stuff including these matching bags that have made carrying cookies fun for the girls. 
Here's what I did:
I printed off this Cute Keep Calm I have Girl Scout Cookies sign off of Pinterest. I cut a 8x10 sheet of card stock in half, and punched holes in the top of the card stock so I could fit a ribbon through.
This bag was the Organizing Utility Tote I think and we we're able to fit 12 boxes of cookies in it.
On the second bag I think it was a Medium Utility Tote that was a special item in November. I printed off this sign, glued it to some card stock and again punched holes for the ribbon to fit through the grommets. We we're able to fit 16 boxes in this bag.
Here is a FREE printable your welcome to use:
Happy Girl Scout Cookie Season :)
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