My Adventure as a Work at Home Mom...

Most know I work from home and have for several years now. But not everyone knows why I do. 

My Adventure as a Work at Home Mom was rather intentional and I had no clue it would become a sustainable business that would be with me for the past 9 years. 

So here's where it all began ...

Ten years ago we we're blessed with this precious baby girl. I was beyond in love with her! My husband and I lived in a different state and his job there required that he traveled. With this new baby in our home I wanted him to be home more. 

And that's what brought us to Nebraska... 

A move to a new state, new home, new job. It was a blessing to be close to family and have my husband home each night. But with the move brought a lot of debt due to our previous home sitting on the market for a year and a half. During this incredibly stressful time in life financially, we we're beyond thrilled to find out we we're expecting our second daughter. 
With our debt load and living expenses we we're barely squeaking by. I knew there had to be a way that I could help contribute financially to give us some breathing room. That's when I started doing research and digging and learning and finding a way to be home with my babies and help relieve the financial burden off of my husband. I Finally had a Ray of Hope!
Fast forward to present day. We now have 4 babies and I'm so thankful for God's perfect timing! Because of my Adventure as a Work at Home Mom I'm able to live out my dream of motherhood being home with my kids. They have never seen a day in daycare, never had to have a babysitter put them to bed at nights. We have choices. Are achieving dreams. 

My adventure seems to change each day with helping new business partners, now tackling multiplication homework with my 10 year old and running a home. The squeaky wheel of financial burden is now well oiled. We have peace as we go to sleep at nights and that right there is WHY I do what I do. 
Here's to the next Adventure!

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