Save Money on your next Grocery Trip

According to the 2017 USDA Statistics, the average family is spending $200 - $400 per family member per week!!!!! This number stopped me in my tracks. We're a family of six, so with that number in mind our family would be spending $1200 -$2400 per month on groceries! 

 To be very honest our family spends drastically less than that each month on groceries. My grocery budget is between $80 - $100 each week for our family. 

5 Tips To Spending Less at the Grocery Store 

1.Know what you need! Making a list for the grocery store and STICKING TO IT is a huge part of saving money at the store. Take the time to organize your pantry and know what items you are missing each week then make a list of what your family needs. 
    I print off this Grocery list weekly to write down what our pantry is missing and take it with me to the store. Simply right click on the image, save to your device and print. I print mine in a 5x7 size. 
    2. Eat a snack before you go! When we're hungry we spend more, right?! So eat a snack on the way to the store. And if your taking your kids along, feed them ahead of time too.
3. Shop online! Our perishable items I purchase at our local grocery store. But often times you can find online sources to buy things like your granola bars/snacks for the kids, coffee, skin care products, house hold cleaners and even pet treats. I shop HERE regularly because of the cost savings and value for our family.

4. Look at local sale flyers. We live in a rural area and dont have the same coupons and deals as the big chain stores. But our little stores do send out flyers in the weekly paper. This helps us a ton to know what will be on sale for the coming week and how I can create our menu for the coming week and know what we need to buy.

5. Know your Budget. We often go to the store without a number in mind. If you have a budget in place you are able to figure in your weekly musts, things like milk/cheese/bread etc and then from there can use your sale flyers to decide where the rest of your money can be applied.

Happy Shopping my friends! Here's to 

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