The Sounds from the Other Room

We had such an Amazing Thanksgiving this year with our family in Colorado. Fantastic food, great fellowship and the feeling you get when your with the people who are near and dear. 

With all 4 of our kids I have nursed them, so that has left me in a different room at many family events and holiday gatherings. The nice thing about being in the other room is the sounds you hear. The sounds of pots clanging, laughter, balls bouncing, little feet running, giggles, stories being told of old times and the stories that are being created at that very moment. The sounds of the door opening as other family members arrive with the smells of more food being brought into the house. Phones ringing to say we're on our way and the sounds of "Give Granny a Hug". The sounds of the table being set and of dishes being cleared.  The sounds of happiness and cheer!
 I'm so Thankful for the sounds I've heard from the other room and even more Thankful for the Moments when I'm able to see and take part of all of the happenings!
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Jules Thoughts said...

Great post! Made me smile!

Unknown said...

I can so relate to the sounds from the other room! There have been times when I have been nursing too and hearing all of those sounds is a great feeling! Can't wait for the link up! :)

Sabrina said...


Sabrina said...

Thanks @Julie!! We had fun but missed all of you guys at Thanksgiving too.


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