How to SUCCESSFULLY Work From Home with Kids

For the past decade I've been working from home (You can read more about what I've been able to do with that income HERE) with little ones at my feet. At times I've felt like pulling my hair out with lots of little needs, but there are a handful of things that do help me to accomplish more. 

1. Calendar... EVERYTHING 
I use my day planner for everything, not exaggerating. I also use highlighters to highlight times for making calls, sending emails, trips to town, school events etc. This truly helps me to visually see what I'm doing each day and know what MUST be accomplished. 
I found this cute printable 2016 day planner HERE.

2. Office space for 2... or 3 or 4.
My office is where I do the majority of my work. But the beauty of working from home is you can bring your kids to work with you. I find that having a spot that my kids are welcome to come and sit and "work" with me helps them to feel a sense of ownership and they have a better grasp of why mommy is working.

3. Organized Play
I keep baskets of toys around the house. When someone is feeling like their board or don't have something to do while I'm working I pull out a basket. This helps them to focus on something different and keeps them contained to one area. 
You can read more about Organized Play HERE.

4. Take it outside
Sometimes a change of scenery is good for us all. I often find myself taking my phone and kids outside to make phone calls, return texts/emails or posting on social media.

5.Take a Break! 
If your finding your not accomplishing ANYTHING, take a break as long as you don't have an appointment scheduled. Spend some quality time with your littles. For me, my kiddos are the reason I work from home. I have to remind myself at times that I need to value that more and spend all of the moments I can loving them up. Even 15 minutes can change the way my kiddos act for a few hours. 

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Anonymous said...

I calendar everything as well. Makes life so much easier.


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