Welcome to JUNE...

 It's June?!?!?!
Where have the past 5 months gone? 
It seems like we've done so much yet the time has gone so quickly. 
I saw this post this morning....
...and it got me to thinking. I don't want to look back on life when I'm 75 thinking that each day, week, summer was the same.
 So here is my short bucket list for the rest of 2016:

 1. Show a lot of Grace filled with a bucket of patience! 
2. Don't order the same thing each time we go out to eat. Be adventurous with your pallet! 
3.  Buy & wear those crazy sunglasses.
4. Don't worry about making everyone happy. God paid the ultimate price for your praise, do the work He has set out for you alone.
5. Plan a family adventure... and take it! You can never replace the memories made.

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