Chemical Regulations: What is really in your Cosmetics?  
My friends, do you know whats in your cosmetics?!

 We're you all watching GMA this morning? 
They had a segment on Cosmetics and what is really in what most Americans use. 
You can see the clip HERE.
The sad fact is that only 11 chemicals have ever been regulated by the FDA for use in cosmetics. And no safety tests are required before beauty products hit store shelves.

As we use these Toxic Cosmetics we are introducing chemicals into our blood stream that create side effects that you might not even think of. Things like skin problems, breathing issues, allergies and even more serious conditions.
The truth is it takes just 26 seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream. 
The good news is this... As the ABC News reporter found her baseline measurement of chemicals in her system drastically went down after changing brands, so will yours. This is exactly why I'm conscious about what I use on my skin. Not only for my self but for my three girls as well. 

3 Benefits of Changing your Cosmetic Brand
1. Typically changing to low-chemical products you'll find companies that use organic formulas. The brand I use, uses food grade ingredients. 
2. Cost effective. Believe it or not, Eco Friendly brands focus on the ingredients instead of packaging. 
3. Our air becomes cleaner as we rid our homes of chemical infested cosmetics and personal care items.
I urge you to be wise about where you shop, what items you use in your home, on your skin and around your family. The odds are one small change in where you shop could make a large impact on your families health and well being. 

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