Sunday's Garden

O my granny I'm behind! This is my garden almost two weeks ago. It's amazing how much things grow and change! My green beans we're a bit sparse so I've had to replant some.

My little garden helper of the day :) She loves being outside and is so content!
My tomatoes have done well! Through all of the crazy wind, storms, a tiny bit of pea sized hail.
We even have a few green tomatoes starting. My oldest daughter loves tomatoes so she's super excited!

Garden Tag's

We had an old Whisky Barrel at our house. I tried to move it and it fell to pieces. So I thought what can I do?? So I made some tag's for my garden. Nothing fancy but It works. Now to put them into my garden.

Sunday's Garden

Things are growing! It's amazing how much things have grown in a week. This week my poor plants have been through some pea sized hail and crazy wind.
So I should have had my daughter Lilian plant all of the beans. The one's she planted are up and looking good. Mine on the other hand don't look as hot. Her little finger must be the perfect length. And my cauliflower hasn't com up at all. So we've added a few more pepper plants and tomato plants.

One little red strawberry!

Tomatoes are looking pretty good considering the wind!

First tomato bloom of the year.... Can't wait to take a bite of a fresh tomato.


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