Summer DIY Play-Doh

 Our kids love Play-Doh! Here's a super fun and easy recipe that will entertain your kids for a few hours this summer.

Mix together in a non stick pan on low heat:
2 Cups Flour
1 Cup Salt
2 Tablespoons Cream of Tarter
2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil
2 Cups Warm Water

Keep the mixture on low heat and continue to stir slowly until the mixture creates a firm ball. It should be smooth to the touch.

Take off of heat once mixture has formed a ball. Allow to cool and knead the dough to make it firm. 

Allow to cool before kids play with it! 

Store in an air tight container to keep for further use.

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Our Three Peas
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Happy Memorial Day

Thankful for all of the men and women who make it possible for us to Celebrate Memorial Day!

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Five Critical Questions

Have you ever thought about starting a home based business? There are thousands of companies out there, but do those companies offer their members with a real, long term residual income? In most cases the answer is sadly No.

Click HERE to watch a short video to learn about Five Critical Questions you should be asking and the Answers you should be getting before standing behind any company.

Here's to Your Success!
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Just thinking...

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If your someone who is in search for a Reliable Income be sure to become educated. Click HERE to learn what questions you should be asking to be informed to make a good decision for your family.

4 Tips for Less Mess

 Pictures like this totally motivate me to clean my house! 
With kids there are bound to be piles, spills, trash, toys, snacks and everything else ON THE FLOOR. Here are 4 super easy tips that will help keep things less of a mess that have worked in our home.

4 Tips for Less Mess

#1: Take out the trash and take it out often! 
Taking out the trash helps eliminate weird smells and helps keep a tidy appearance.
#2: Don't Eat in the Living Room!
This is a pet peeve of mine. Less vacuuming is required when there are less crumbs on the furniture and living room floor.
 #3: Hang it up.
We have hooks by our front and back door. This helps keep bags, hats and coats up and out of the way.
 #4: Hide it.
Cute baskets or bins are a great way to hide the clutter. We use these for toys, blankets, games and anything else that would be better unseen.
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Get Real

Have you as a leader ever struggled? Felt Frustration? Wondered if you we're in the right place?  So what happens when reality doesn't end up looking the way you had hoped?  Doubt is that word that makes you wonder if any of your effort was worth it. You may even think of giving up, having a pity party and hiding under the covers. But in those moments that's when YOU need to remember why you are in this position. Leadership isn't about winning accolades or doing what is easy. It's about knowing what your passion is and WHY you started your journey in leadership in the first place. Leadership is really not about you at all!

3 Bit's of Advice from One Leader to Another

  1. Hold true to the vision. Know your vision for yourself, your family, your organization. Why are you a part of what your doing? Keep that as a visual reminder to yourself.
  2. Ask for help! You can not be your best if you are running on fumes. Ask for help from those who you can count on. We are all gifted in different areas and it is OK to ask for help and learn from those around you.
  3. Be OK with tension as you lead. Let's face it tension is uncomfortable! Leadership is about being OK with tension, stretching your abilities and overcoming the not so easy parts to create a stronger bond with those you work with.

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Just thinking...

{Follow along each Thursday for #JustThinkingThursday where I share a little inspiration. Join in on the Fun and share Your Inspiration with me on Facebook or on Pinterest with the hashtag #JustThinkingThursday }
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From Trash to Treasure Pallet Sign

 I love a good DIY! I had this pile of scrap ends from a pallet project I made. And it just so happens I was needing to make a pallet sign for an upcoming event.
 I made sure the wood was all cut to the same size (these we're all 18inches). I then fitted them together with screws and wood glue.
 Once the glue was dry I sanded. I love the color difference of the scrap wood and rough edges.
 I then painted the white heart...
 ... the word "love"...
...and added the arrow.
The wood is just gorgeous!
This beauty will be used as a guest book of sorts for a special, close to the heart event that is coming up... I don't want to spill the beans as to what it is but for those of you who know our family I'm sure have an idea.

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