This little guy was flying around us the last time we went fishing!

Sweet Corn

Mmmmmmmmmmmm.... Sweet Corn... Growing up my mom and I would always put sweet corn up in August. Lots of work but the reward was so great as we ate the produce in the cold winter months.
Now a tradition that I can pass onto my family.

The start of the 2011-2012 School Year...

It's official, the school year has started!

I'm so thankful that I'm a SAHM on days like today, I'm able to get my little ones ready for school and waiting to welcome them home as she gets off the bus!

Mandys First Calf Show

Mandy showed her very first calf last week! We're so very proud of the little stinker :DHere's a picture of her before we left the house, getting her calf "Jan" ready to go. It's amazing how much she has grown.

The girls we're so very excited as we we're leaving...

Here's Mandy before she went into the show ring..

Mandy receiving her first ribbon ever...

And our little Mandy walking her calf out of the arena like a pro! Here's a link to a video of Mandy showing her calf.


One of the fun parts of summers for us is looking for turtles when we're checking cows. This year we haven't found nearly as many as we did Last Year but it's still fun to look!
I'm going to miss these girls so much when school starts. Eating up each and everyday before they go back.

Whats Your Next Step?

Isn't Mapquest a fun site to visit? In a matter of seconds you can get directions to any place you might want to go.

If there we're a personal Mapquest.com where would You want to go? Maybe you would want to add time to build meaningful relationships. Maybe you would want to slow down to enjoy your children's childhood. Maybe you would like time to sit still and hear God when you pray. Maybe you would like to reach a certain goal with your home business or financial issues.

When you think of Mapquest.com you need more than a destination, you need a starting point as well. If you type in "Omaha, NE" as your destination but leave the starting spot blank you wont go anywhere. You'll be stuck!

To end up in your desired destination you need both a starting point; where you are now, and a destination; where you want to be.

So, where are you? What are your next steps to reach your destination? Unless you spend some time thinking about where you are, you can't possibly know which direction to move. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you know where you are and where to start:

  • What stand in the way of my being focused on your goal? (More time with your children, Time with God, achieving your business goals).

  • How mindful am I?

  • Where am I in regards to reaching my goal?

  • Where do I want to be?

Moving towards your goal will take time. You don't have to figure out exactly how to get there or what stops you'll take on your route. But you do have to determine what direction you should start out it.

Is it really August 1st?!?

It's hard to believe that it's August 1st and that the girls we'll be starting school in 3 weeks! But we've been having fun.... This past Saturday we spent the day at our towns Harvest Fest!

Complete with a water fight...

Some time with mommy ;)

Playing in the water!

Our local parade and lots of candy!

I just love this photo of the girls all ready to grab some candy.

Friday was spent at the pool with paddle boat races...

And lots of time with friends.

The past 2 weeks we've spent every day in town for swimming lessons.

More swimming lessons...

A little bit of family time to pick up bales here at our house.

Some time at the park.

Then we went to our Cousin Alishas wedding...

Isn't her cake gorgeous!

Amazing center pieces to go with it.

Cutie girls waiting to wish the bride and groom off.

Even the groom looked amazing, lol.

Then we did some more swimming lessons.

And even a bit more swimming lessons :)


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