2012 Fair


The girls had so much fun at our local fair this year! Super proud of Mandy and all of her projects. Above are some of my favorite photos from the fair. I love the last three, Cadence was so tired from all of the fun and the other two we're SO excited about their snow cones :)
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The Girls and their Calves

Each of the girls have had calves this year. After months and months of bottle feeding, then feeding grain and halter breaking have all lead up to our 2012 fair!

 Mandy is so excited to show her calf and works with him often... on the other hand my Lilian has decided that it's more fun to brush her calf instead of pulling him around.
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{Resources to help You be Debt Free}

It's been said that if you have debt you have really three options:
  1. Keep doing what your doing and see no changes.
  2. Earn more money to pay off your debt.
  3. Lower your Expenses so you can apply more of your income toward your debt.
For our family I really didn't like that we had debt and I did not want to stay in the situation we we're in. So I decided to do a bit of the second two options. But I wasn't sure where to start.... Here's what helped our family. First off I wanted to earn more money to pay off our debt But (and that's a HUGE But) I didn't want to be away from our kiddos. So I did a lot of searching and found a viable home business that I had passion in and that I believed in. When starting a home business you need to set realistic expectations and know you will not get rich over night but over time and being consistent you will earn a very nice income.

Secondly I looked towards ways to lower our expenses. Here are a few links and resources that we're helpful to us:
Real Debt Help - Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover is amazing and super helpful. There are 7 small steps that really help you to open your eyes and see the small things you can do to get to a place of Financial Freedom.
BankRate This site allows you to figure out payments, interest rates, credit card options and so many other financial tools.
www.Crown.com is a great Christian site and here's a link for helping to create a budget.

The above sites we're the most help to me - but there are many other resources out there. The main step you can take is to become knowledgeable and aware of where your money is (or is not) going each month. Simple steps can help you to be in charge of your money instead of living in constant worry and anxiety of not having money.

Feel free to leave your favorite tips, links or comments below!
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