Fall Colors...

Aren't these pretty? I love fall colors.
It's amazing to me how God has perfected these colors.
Happy Fall!

Learning to Sew

First sewing project = A+ My oldest daughter is super patient, eager to learn, and makes me stop and think. I am so thankful that God gave her to us first. She teaches me things that no one else can. I hope that I'm able to teach her a few things through life as well. We worked on her first sewing project and she did such a good job.
She was VERY hands on. Wanting to help with every aspect of our project.

Even using the sewing machine was fun. Shes so peaceful to me. Almost like that feeling of a warm cup of coffee on a cold winter morning. Just that feel good feeling! I love you my Mandy!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We made it to the pumpkin patch this past weekend! It was so much fun. There was free cotton candy!
A Daddy who pulled the waggon.

The cutest little witch ...
And a sister witch....
And a baby sister witch....
Don't forget about the scarecrows...
And another :) Three little girls under a big black cat.

A very proud Mommy with my three girls!!
Even the baby had fun!

Time Zone Help

 I work with people all over the United States and it amazes me that some folks out there don't know what time zone they live in. I've grown up right on the MST/CST zone my entire life - so is that why I'm aware of it? Or did one of my teachers do a really good job sharing the differences with me? I do agree though that it would be much easier if we we're all in the same time zone!

One thing I do love though is no matter what time zone one is in or state or city we all have things in common. I have a biz partner in SD who loves horses just like I do, a biz partner in MI who loves her MOPs group just like I do, a biz partner in TX who is a very strong Christian just like I am, a biz partner in OH who has 4 kids just like I do, and the very cool thing is that I get to work with these everyday Moms and somehow we make the time zone difference work!

New Your Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers in the US.
Herbal Supplements Flunk the Test; Don't Contain Herbs
Testing of herbal supplements sold by major retailers including Target and Walmart revealed that 79 percent have no trace of the herbs on the products' labels, according to an investigation by the New York State Attorney General Read more...

Our special visitor

I find now then ever I spend so much more time with Lilian alone, now that Mandy is in school and Cadence still naps. It such a special time for me and I hope that she has fun.
Well we had a little visitor... A nice fuzzy caterpillar! She was so excited about it, wanted her picture taken with it and wanted to touch it ("but not hold it" she would say).

Look at those little fingers!
It's these little memories like this that I hope my kids hold onto and remember for a life time.

I'm an AUNT!!!

My "little" sister just had her first baby! And I must say I'm so very excited and proud to be an Aunt! Such a beautiful baby, isn't she? "Dear baby Charlie, if you ever need spoiled, a snack, someone to talk to, or a sack of M&M's call you Aunt Sabrina!! Your cousins and I will always be there for you!"


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