How To Force Flower Bulbs Indoor

 I'm so excited for spring, warm weather and FLOWERS! 
Seeing as how it's February and in the 20s we wont have outside flowers anytime soon, so why not have some indoor spring pizazz?

What Bulbs Force Well:
  • Amaryllis:
    Blooms appear six to eight weeks after planting.
  • Paperwhites:
    Blooms appear three to five weeks after planting.
  •  Tulips
  •  Crocus
  •  Hyacinths
  •  Daffodils
 Tools You'll Need to Force:

  • Bulbs of choice
  • Container of choice
  • Dirt or Rocks
  • Water
 How to Force Bulbs in Water:

Use a pan or bowl filled with pebbles. Bury the bulbs halfway into the pebbles, with the points facing up. Fill the pan or bowl with water so that the lower quarter of the flower bulb is in the water. Make sure that the pan or bowl always has water.
How to Force Bulbs in Soil:

Flower bulbs can also be forced inside in pots filled with soil. Fill the pot with a light potting mix. Do not use soil from your garden. Plant the flower bulbs you will be forcing half to three-quarters of the way deep into the pot. The pointy tops of the bulbs should be out of the soil. Water the bulbs and keep the soil moist.

The first day of spring is just 22 days away! Here's to warm weather and pretty blooms! 

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