The letter "S"

 I love the letter S - maybe because it is the letter that starts both my first and last name?! This is a simple plywood letter S that I made pretty.
 First I painted it teal...
 Then I painted grey over it... And sanded...
 I love the look of sanded edges and an antique feel.
I have it sitting on a wreath right now but didn't attach it, one of those things I can see being put into lots of spaces in our house. Happy Wednesday!

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Working from Home

I've been successfully working from home for the past 7 years. I feel most of the reason I've been successful is because of these 5 attributes:

5 Things You Need to Know before Working from Home
1. Do your research! It's ok to ask questions and gain all of the information you can before working with a company.
2. Work with someone you like! There are many companies/teams on the
web. Make sure your working with a mentor who you enjoy talking to and safe with.
3. No Ground Floor Opportunities! I encourage you to work with a company that has a sound compensation plan and has been in business for at least 20+ years.
4. Compensation Plan! Ask to see the compensation plan or business reports. I felt a huge sigh of relief when I was shown the business report of the company I work with for the first time. It also enables you to know how you can maximize that compensation plan for your pay-check.
5. SUPPORT! Support is huge. I have tried a few home based businesses and I have only found one where I was supported booth on a corporate and a team level. This one simple step will help you in the day to day.
I'm constantly looking to network, connect and work with other business minded moms who are looking to better their families finances. Contact me if you would like to chat!
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