How Many Hours Do I Work?

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How many Hours do you work each week?" or a variation of that question.                                                                                                                 

 I personally feel that in order to be successful in owning your own business you need to set specific hours each week that our devoted strictly to building your business.                                           


The beauty of owning your own business is you are able to pick where those
 hours come from each week.
 I typically work 20 hours each week doing income generating activities. This allows me to devote time to our four kids, making meals and keeping our home running properly. 

I often get asked this as well "How many hours will I need to work to be successful?" That is 100% based upon your own personal activity when owning your own business and needs to be in line with what your personal and financial goals are. As a business coach I can help someone create a road map of what one's schedule would need to look like depending on the financial goals needed but it is up to the individual to find the time in their calendar.

One of the greatest advantages to working from the comfort of your own home and being your own boss is the fact that your able to be in control of your own clock. And that my friends is Time Freedom!

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  7 Steps to Creating Leadership in Your Home Business               1)  Set a strict schedule for yourself and for your family. 
It's important for you and your business partners to understand that your time is valuable.  Scheduling time with your family is important and allows you to have strong business hours you can stick to. Read More...

From Poor to Rich

In today's world we all want to to "rich", and it would be great if we we're all born independently wealthy but the reality is financially most of us didn't come into the world with a vault of cash at our disposal.

However... we all have the ability to present ourselves as if we are the richest people in the world. If you woke up today, have family and friends who love you, have a roof over your head and food in your belly - you are rich! And let your spirit shine through your richness! Once you transform your views you will have a much more positive outlook and all of those gifts will be brought back to you 10 fold!

Living the Dream with Her 3 Girls!
Amber knows what it's like to be a single mom. She knows how hard it can be to feel like everything is on you. It can be overwhelming.

So far Amber has earned $990,000.00 with her home business and it continues to grow. In fact, her largest check for one month was just over $26,000.00. Click HERE to read more.

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