5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is something that I'm  passionate about! 
Being free from debt brings peace that is in-measurable. 
If your in the place in your life where you have less money than you do month. Or your paying bills with credit cards. Or living in the negative of your bank account, these steps can help! 

5 Steps to Financial Freedom  

  1. Be honest with yourself and know what you owe. It's a major realization when you see the figure. 
  2. Be even more honest and know what your income is each month. If you don't have enough income to cover your bills you must make sacrifices and find ways to bring in additional income. (Check out how I paid off over 25K in debt by clicking HERE).
  3. Create a concrete budget that will accommodate your family's needs from month to month. 
  4. Cut up the credit cards and start using cash. This was tough for us at first, but it helped us to spend our money a bit more wisely on things and activities that really mattered to us. 
  5.  Wait 24 hours before you make large purchases for your family. If you still find that its a good choice to spend the money on anything that is over $50.00 after 24 hours than you can make the investment.  
Remember having financial freedom is something that is a life long journey. Its a choice that you make daily!

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10 Dreamy Pantry Doors

This is a little dreaming here on my end!!! 
Our Laundry Room also serves as a bit of a pantry at our house. Its conveniently right off my kitchen BUT there is no door between the two rooms. I love the idea of a visually stimulating piece of art that serves a purpose as well. These doors are stunning...  

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What to LOOK for when Looking to Work from Home!

Looking to Work from Home? 

That's something that a large amount of Americans are aiming for and its projected that 50% of the American workforce will be working from home by 2020.

As you start searching for a way to earn an income for your family that allows you to do so from the comfort of your home, you should be aware of a few things. 

5 Things To Look For When Looking To Work From Home

  1. Look for a company that is reputable! This is by far my #1 thing to be aware of as your searching. Make sure you partner with a company that has an A+ rating with the BBB. 
  2. Get to know the compensation plan! Its important to know what activities are required of you and what your income will look like if you become a part of that company.  
  3. Don't buy into the "Ground Floor" opportunities! {Learn more about the "Ground Floor" scheme by clicking HERE} If a company is promoting a "Ground Floor" or "Get in Early" concept, doesn't that mean that the people who join at a later date, will be unsuccessful? 
  4. Know how much of your work is truly at home. It was important to me to be able to know I would be 100% home based with my kids schedule. You should know upfront if you will be required to travel, attend meetings, etc. 
  5. Be clear on how many hours must be worked each week! Some companies are flexible in allowing you to carve out your own schedule. With 4 kids this is huge for me
Its crucial as your scouring through information that you find a company that is reputable, honest and will provide your family with a reliable income! As I was searching years ago I found myself asking these questions repeatedly making sure I wouldn't put myself in the mist of a bad work environment.  

Here's to You!

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Looking for ideas on working working from home? Check out this... 

Tall, Dark & Handsome

This baby wasn't much to see when I first got it but had "good bones".  
But now... 
...I absolutely love it!
I used graphite black on the exterior, distressed and clear coat of wax. On the interior of the drawers I painted them a country grey, replaced the old hardware with new and NOW its o so Handsome! I took this piece with me to our recent White Barn Treasures Event and it was a hit and now has a new home.
Have a great weekend Friends! 

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Just Thinking Thursday!

Sometimes in life we do have to become our own hero.

Sometimes life throws curve balls at you that you feel you'll never be able to escape or overcome.

Sometimes you have to find a way to break free of the cycle your on.

And sometimes YOU realize YOU are much stronger and capable that you ever imagined. 
Happy Thursday!!!!

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