Mothers Day gift guide....

Mother's day is a little over a week away, and I'm a huge procrastinator! I've been searching for a gift guide that will give me some 'do-able' ideas as to what I can give to my Mom and Mother-in-law. Well I haven't found much! So here's some of my favorites that I've come up with...

1. A photo card. We did this last year and they loved it. I uploaded some Pict's of our kids onto one of those online photo developing sites such as or It was a hit but I didn't want to be to repetitive.

2. Flowers. We live about 4 hours away from both my Mom and Mother-in-law. So flower's would be practical, but they can get so pricey and is it personal enough?

3. Buying a handmade gift from like a handmade apron. But I'm getting to the point where shipping is an issue with Mother's day being so close.
4. Some homemade goodies, such as cookies. But there again I go back to the shipping/distance issue.
5. Perfume! I just thought of this one today, I could easily get each of their favorite scents put them in a cute basket with some chocolates and some handmade cards from my kiddos.
6. A watering can, pare of gardening gloves, a few packets of some fun seeds, and a note saying "thanks for growing me with Love".


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