10 Things You Need to Know Before You Work from Home

In today's world of business it's easy to get caught up in the mindset that we want to work from home. Ideally this means you do work, in your pj's from home, right?!

I've worked from our home for almost a decade. During the past 10 years I've learned so much, some lessons easier than others. 

Ready to Work from Home?
10 things you  need to know!
  1. You will have lots of interruptions on a daily basis.
  2. You MUST have a calendar and use it!
  3. Your office CAN be anywhere! The backyard, kitchen, waiting to get your kids off the bus.
  4. The only way to earn a paycheck (just like a traditional job) is to do the work.
  5. Consistency and vision leads to a happy work environment. 
  6. Work with a great tribe of people who lift you up and help you along the way. 
  7. Set your work schedule and calendar those hours in.
  8. Know what action is required to earn your paycheck and make sure your doing income generating activities during those hours. 
  9. Work for a reputable company, see the compensation plan and talk to others who work with that company  before you commit yourself.
  10. Do something that you love! Here's what I have done for the past decade that has allowed me to be home. Http://www.4mykiddos.com  

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Custom Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

I'm in love with some of my newest creations! 
These are custom Flour Sack Kitchen Towels. I think these are just the cutest little addition to a kitchen. 
These will only be available at my favorite fall event.... The White Barn Treasures Event will be Saturday October 8th. Counting down the days!
Creating beautiful things helps me to clear my mind, brings on some healthy brain juices and its almost like free therapy, hah. Each day I thank my lucky stars I have the ability to be home to do things like this that I enjoy!
These towels we're fairly simple to make. I used my Silhouette to create designs that I loved and cut them onto heat transfer material and followed the directions from there.

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Moms Fill Your Cup

Happy Friday Friends!

This season is one of transition for me. All 4 of my babies are in school! Owen is just in preschool but its absolutely bitter sweet that he likes going. I'm sure many Momma's out there can relate. 

We as Moms often put ourselves on the back burners as we're so busy making meals, doing laundry, changing diapers, taking kids to practice, caring for our spouse and careers that we are often surviving on fumes.
A group of fellow Momma's and I, in all walks of life have created a closed group to help with just that.
In our group You'll find:
  • Inspiration.
  • Tips to make motherhood simpler.
  • Coupons and money saving sources.
  • Friendship!
  • And much more.
If your someone who is feeling like your cup is empty I invite you to come and join us at, Moms Fill Your Cup .

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Re-Purposed into Wine Cabinet

A friend asked me to re-purpose this old record cabinet into a wine cabinet. 

It is such a gem of a piece but the top was trashed. It took a LOT of sanding but so worth it.
I tore out the old record slats to make room for wine.
I cut a few 1x12 board to fit into the cabinet.

then once I had everything into place I stained. 
Isn't the detail beautiful!

And the finished product!
Have a great weekend friends! 

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