A way Home

But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.
Jeremiah 17:7

A few years ago we we're moving cow's out to pasture on a sunshiny May day. (Its always a cheerful day when cow's get moved out to the green grass and rolling hills.) We we're on our last trailer load of cattle to the pasture when a storm rolled through and lots of rain was poured on us. The pasture road was immediately sticky and muddy! We tried to get out of the pasture and to the highway so we could make our way home after unloading the trailer but found ourselves stuck. I remember feeling hopeless and praying "God just get us home". 

And out of no where a neighbor was passing by and was able to pull us out so we could get back on the road. 

Just as God equipped us to make it home that rainy afternoon, He equips us to make it home to him. When we change our focus to be on God rather than our problems we find ourselves more useful and joyful through our everyday struggles. 

Father God, thank you for your promise of heaven, of home. May I turn my focus to you and the promise of going "home". And by doing so may my actions reflect this. May I live each day with love and calmness in my heart and in the words and actions I chose to use. 
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Through the Changes of Life

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrew 13:8 As a child, I grew up with divorced parents from the age of 2. I knew they both loved me but I knew my family makeup was a bit different than friends I had that had both parents in the home. My parents lived four hours away from one another and some of my earliest memories we're that long car ride back and forth across state lines from one parents home to the next. At my mom's home I was the only child and at my dads house I was the oldest of four kids. I always felt that I had the best of both worlds but I had to learn how to guard my feelings well going back and forth. To know that I often didn't blend in right away from one home to the other. Over the years and hundreds of miles back and forth I learned that there would often be a lot of change from one visit to the next and that I would often feel misplaced until I settled back into the household routine. The change of scenery, homes, people and circumstances helped me to grow into a person who can quickly adapt to new situations, and as an adult its a positive trate I believe I have. Through all of that back and forth God has remained next to me helping me to know that I'm not alone and that He is right by my side through it all. Father God, thank you for never changing and holding me ever so tightly through the under currents of life. Thank you for reminding me Father that the change in my life doesn't happen by chance and that your beside me through it all. Thank you Jesus for never changing!
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9 Inexpensive Summer Activities to do with Your Kids

Summer  is  one of my favorite  times of year! The kids are out of school, our schedule  is more laud back and the weather  is  nice  and  warm! 

But... summer seems to fly by so quick so the past few years I've become intentional about doing something  with our kids each day to create  memories of summer fun to look back on. 

9 Inexpensive Summer Activities to do with Your Kids

 1. Go turtle  hunting! Our  kids love finding  turtles, sometimes  you come up empty  handed  but other times you find one and its pure giggles and excitement.

 2. Wake your kids up early  to snuggle and 20th the sunrise.

 3. Plant a garden with your kids and  have  them help harvest  it.

We spend so much more time outside during the summer months, be sure to check out my DIY Bug Bite Roll on Recipe and have a few of these on hand while your enjoying all of these fun outdoor activities! 

 4. Create  a special  summer  desert  together.

 5. Spend time outside  watching  the clouds  and birds go by.

 6. Let your kids wash your car. It might not be perfect  but the giggles and bubbles are worth it!

 7. Go for a walk to enjoy the warm weather and burn off some energy.

8.  Teach your kids to stop and smell and admire the beauty of the flowers around  you.

9. Play in the puddles! Better yet play in the rain while  it's making puddles. 

Simple and virtually free activities are often the ones that our kids remember most, because  you spent the time to do it together. 

Happy summer! 

Being a Comforter to my Family

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing. 
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Being a mom has been one of the biggest blessings I can ever ask for. I find so much joy and happiness being a mom and caregiver of my family. But being a mom has also been one of the hardest things as well. 

When our son was 2 he had to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out. Its a common procedure that lots of children go through including myself when I was small. 

On the day of surgery my husband and I took our son Owen to the hospital early in the morning after our daughters had gotten on the school bus. When we arrived at the hospital we we're met by the best nurses who we're comforting and pleasant. The room we we're taken to was dressed with a "cowboy" pillow case and a cute little stuffed animal for Owen to feel special. 

He was given some oral medication to help calm his nerves and help him to feel less anxious. Little did we know it would make him the funniest little boy we had ever seen, giggling like crazy and making us all smile. After the nurse took him back for surgery we waited for the surgery to be done and then met him back in his room 45 minutes later.  I knew he wouldn't feel well when he woke up but I was unprepared for how angry and mad he would be coming out of the sedation. 

Parenting seems so similar to how Owen went from extreme happiness and joy before surgery to pure frustration, confusion and anger after surgery. I sat by my son's side in both circumstances to provide comfort and love just like God sits beside us through life's ups and downs. 
And in that, I take comfort! 

Father God, I choose today to quiet myself so that I can hear your little promptings. Show me ways I can bless others, including my children, through doing their laundry, fixing their meals, cleaning up after them and reminding them to bathe and do their chores. Instead of feeling unappreciated, may I feel the sense of being a blessing and comforter to those I love. 
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