A way Home

But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.
Jeremiah 17:7

A few years ago we we're moving cow's out to pasture on a sunshiny May day. (Its always a cheerful day when cow's get moved out to the green grass and rolling hills.) We we're on our last trailer load of cattle to the pasture when a storm rolled through and lots of rain was poured on us. The pasture road was immediately sticky and muddy! We tried to get out of the pasture and to the highway so we could make our way home after unloading the trailer but found ourselves stuck. I remember feeling hopeless and praying "God just get us home". 

And out of no where a neighbor was passing by and was able to pull us out so we could get back on the road. 

Just as God equipped us to make it home that rainy afternoon, He equips us to make it home to him. When we change our focus to be on God rather than our problems we find ourselves more useful and joyful through our everyday struggles. 

Father God, thank you for your promise of heaven, of home. May I turn my focus to you and the promise of going "home". And by doing so may my actions reflect this. May I live each day with love and calmness in my heart and in the words and actions I chose to use. 
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