HOW TO: Seasonal Table Decor

FALL IS HERE and in full swing at our house. 
Here is a simple and quick center piece that you can throw together to add a bit of color and seasonal charm to your table. 

STEP 1: I started with a basket and a wine wreath. Layering the two.
 STEP TWO: I recycled a bunch of plastic bags and put them in the center of the wreath for filler.
 STEP THREE: Then layer burlap ribbon to cover the plastic bags. 
 STEP FOUR: Place a handful of raffia to the center of the burlap, this adds texture. 
 STEP FIVE: Add a large pumpkin or gourd in the center of your piece. This will hold things in place and give you a foundation for step six.
 STEP SIX: Place a piece of signage in front of the pumpkin you added in step five. I used a hand painted piece that I created.
 STEP SEVEN: Finish your arrangement by layering pumpkins and gourds around your sign until you get the desired look you are wanting to achieve. 
I love simplicity and color it adds to our table and ties into the other fall décor we have.

May you have a blessed week! 

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