Is it really August 1st?!?

It's hard to believe that it's August 1st and that the girls we'll be starting school in 3 weeks! But we've been having fun.... This past Saturday we spent the day at our towns Harvest Fest!

Complete with a water fight...

Some time with mommy ;)

Playing in the water!

Our local parade and lots of candy!

I just love this photo of the girls all ready to grab some candy.

Friday was spent at the pool with paddle boat races...

And lots of time with friends.

The past 2 weeks we've spent every day in town for swimming lessons.

More swimming lessons...

A little bit of family time to pick up bales here at our house.

Some time at the park.

Then we went to our Cousin Alishas wedding...

Isn't her cake gorgeous!

Amazing center pieces to go with it.

Cutie girls waiting to wish the bride and groom off.

Even the groom looked amazing, lol.

Then we did some more swimming lessons.

And even a bit more swimming lessons :)

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