Get Real

Have you as a leader ever struggled? Felt Frustration? Wondered if you we're in the right place?  So what happens when reality doesn't end up looking the way you had hoped?  Doubt is that word that makes you wonder if any of your effort was worth it. You may even think of giving up, having a pity party and hiding under the covers. But in those moments that's when YOU need to remember why you are in this position. Leadership isn't about winning accolades or doing what is easy. It's about knowing what your passion is and WHY you started your journey in leadership in the first place. Leadership is really not about you at all!

3 Bit's of Advice from One Leader to Another

  1. Hold true to the vision. Know your vision for yourself, your family, your organization. Why are you a part of what your doing? Keep that as a visual reminder to yourself.
  2. Ask for help! You can not be your best if you are running on fumes. Ask for help from those who you can count on. We are all gifted in different areas and it is OK to ask for help and learn from those around you.
  3. Be OK with tension as you lead. Let's face it tension is uncomfortable! Leadership is about being OK with tension, stretching your abilities and overcoming the not so easy parts to create a stronger bond with those you work with.

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