5 Ways to stay Motivated this Week

Motivation: the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.
Do you ever have a hard time staying "motivated"? I've heard that phrase several times through my life in all different situations. Motivation is something that can be part of all walks of life short term as well as long term. To conquer a small task to taking on a big week. 

5 Ways to Stay Motivated this Week
1. Mission Focused Monday: Each Monday morning set 20 minutes aside to reflect on what your tasks at hand are for the week. What you want to accomplish. Write them down on paper so you have a firm vision.
2. Weekly Quote: Find a quote to use as your screen saver or write on an index card that you can keep close to you that will inspire you throughout the week.
3. Be Social: Share your goals with your spouse, friend, business partner that will help to encourage you and hold you accountable to accomplishing your goal.
4. Move it: Have you ever heard a body at rest tends to stay at rest but a body in motion stays in motion? This is true! Move that body - stay in motion and you'll be much more motivated to physically and mentally stay motivated. 
5. Turn up the Tunes: Music is very uplifting and motivating. Think of painting a room, it's much more fun and easier to finish the job if you have some good tunes to listen to. 

Here's to Staying Motivated!

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