"Working Calves"

I grew up on a ranch as a child and I'm so excited that my kids are able to do the same. There's such a sense of pride in saying "we're on the Ranch"! As I'm sure there are different tasks that need to be done when growing up in the city there are the same for ranch life.

This weekend we worked calves. You may be asking yourself what that means. Well when baby calves are 2 - 3 months old they need to have vaccination shots as well as they all get a brand. This ensures that once they are out to pasture the rancher can keep better track of his calves with the wide open spaces.
It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun!! As a family we all come together to either help or get to watch. There are always a lot of laughs, good food, bruises and great memories.


MommyToTwoBoys said...

You are so stinkin cute Sabrina!

And now I feel complete because I finally know what "working calves" means. I can't wait to come visit some time. Your family is gonna be like, "who invited the city gal" as I run away from every animal.

And I am sorry I can't follow your blog! My google account is having issues and I haven't been able to follow any blogs in over 2 weeks! Ugh!

Sabrina said...

Your so fun Jean! I would love to have you come visit! You would be no more out of place than I being in the city.


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