Saving Money on Diapers

My friend Renee recently had this post on her BLOG about saving money on diapers.
I typically buy my diapers at my least favorite store and have bought them a few times online but I've never shopped through So after reading her post I thought I would give it a try. And yesterday I got this huge box from FedEx with 360 diapers that I got for around .10c. each!!! I was so very excited to save a little money, even if it we're on Diapers. And I might add I honestly dont think I'll have to buy any more diapers for Cadence. This should get us through until shes potty trained.

*To save money on your diapers like I did Click HERE to get all of the info :)

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Kriti said...

Sabrina - wow really!!! My daughter is 24 months old now and I can't imagine why I hadn't tried this before. Great one. BTW I found your link from Diva's Club. I am at if you are interested in stories : ) Following you now...


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