Ballerina Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had a Ballerina Birthday Party for our little 4 year old. Here are some of the highlights...I made some baggies full of beads and Ballerina Charms for each of the girls to have and be able to put together. I printed out these individual Name tags for each "Ballerina" invited. We had a special sign on the front door to Welcome our Ballerinas in.
I purchased this special cupcake kit with the cutest Ballerina toppers. (These we're a huge hit but everyone seemed to want the pink ones :)
Here is a picture of our Little Ballerina and her big sister before the party began.
And at our house, it's OK for Ballerinas to dance on the tables.
Cadence had so much fun!
The birthday girl dancing with her sister!

(I turned on a Angelina Ballerina video via. Netflix as the girls we're waiting and had it playing through the party too).

Opening gifts!!

Here's Lilian in the corner of the Pict. Shes telling me how much fun she is having!!
All of the girls dressed up and then learned how to be a Ballerina from their big cousin!
Then we we're off to make our Ballerina bracelets.
And cupcakes!!!
I love this picture of Lilian with her little cousin. She just loves babies!


Jess -n- Jason -n- Crew said...

Looks like it was a good party! Your girls are beautiful!
~Jess Blundell

Sabrina said...

O thanks Jess! Your so kind :) Yes we had a ton of fun.


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