5 Qualities of a Leader

There are many qualities of a leader. A leader needs to listen, develop, respect, be knowledgeable, take control yet be able to learn and be taught. As I think of leadership I think of someone who is often self made yet effectively encourages others.

My favorite Leadership qualities are these:

VISION: Proverbs 29:18 says this "Where there is no vision, the people parish". As leaders we must clearly see what our vision is either in our organization, business or even our family. Not only are we to see that vision, we need to be able to convert that message over to an understandable way to others.

COURAGEOUS: A leader must speak truth at all times. We've all run into circumstances where sugar coating the situation would make it so much simpler, but who does that help? By speaking honestly you will gain more respect by those listening.

ACCOUNTABLE: By being accountable to yourself, family, business partners, you will become 10 times more likely to reach your goals as well as helping others to reach theirs. Being accountable shows that your there to encourage others to stretch themselves into growth by letting them know you are there.

SERVANT: You may be asking yourself why you need to serve others as a leader. Matthew 20:26 says "Not so with you, instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant..." By serving others you learn so much! You learn others needs and where you need to grow and step out to help them.

AUTHENTIC: A leader needs to be not only authentic with herself but with others. Knowing where you fall short as well as where you prosper is so helpful. Your strengths and weaknesses will help you to build stronger relationships with others. After all to be a leader you must inspire just one person, not an entire tribe.

I hope you have a fantastic week in becoming the best Leader you can be. If you liked this post share it with others or leave me a comment. I love feedback!

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Unknown said...

Those are good qualities to have.

Sabrina said...

I think so Crystal :) Hope you have a great day!!!


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