My Closet Reveal

Our closet has been on my To-Do list for a long time! Like close to three years, talk about procrastination. But now it's done!!!! Excluding a new mirror. Below is an old frame that I spray painted and added wire to the back to hang my earring's and bracelets.
We've all seen those cute necklace holders on Pinterest made out of an old rake, well here's my version... 
 I found this lovely in the back of my garage. The one thing I added to my new necklace holder is a bead of hot glue at the end of each of the tines to ensure my necklaces wont slip off.
 I bought 3 yards of burlap from Hobby Lobby  for right around $3.00s a yard. I used a bit of it to cover a few boxes to put my jeans and sweaters in on one of the shelves in my closet.
 I also used a bit of that burlap to re-purpose an old coffee table that we had in our basement. I painted this coffee table, used batting, new knobs on the front and my burlap along with my faithful staple gun to give it new life!
 I also made these new burlap curtains, I'm so excited about them!!!
 I also added a touch of color {I love the sale paints that you can find at your local hardware stores, great colors at a really nice price} and I bought a stencil to make my closet pretty!
This space makes me so much more happier to be in my closet and not to stuff things in it. :)
Happy Wednesday!
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Unknown said...

Very cute ideas! Love it!


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