Pinterest Marketing Tips

Don't you LOVE Pinterest! I do! It's so addicting and one of the biggest social media sites out there. Here are  9 tips that will help you in marketing your website on Pinterest.
1. Plan for Success - Be sure to properly set up your account and create Boards that will apply to your niche market.
2. Be Social - Pinterest is a visual social media website. Meaning you need to interact with others. Follow others, comment on their pins, thank others for re-pinning your pins and create relationships. This will enable you to gain a strong following.
3. Invite others to Follow You - We've all seen those Follow me on Pinterest buttons. Be sure to add your own on your blog and other social sites. This is a great way to gain exposure!
4. Pin It - Along the same lines as having others follow you on Pinterest, you need to have a Pin It Button on your blog so others can Pin your images. Be sure your creating quality material to be pinned.
5.Create larger images - Grab attention by having longer images. This will take up more space and gives you more screen time.
6. Remember your SEO - Search Engine Optimization is so key to being found. Use #hashtags, keywords and url's in your pins.                        
7. Promote Creatively - Add a call to action in your pins... Something like "Pin if you agree" with a favorite quote.
8. Pin Different Image Types - photos, images, text and even videos!
9. Be Copyright Savy - Don't pin images that have copyrights - you can get yourself into trouble. On your own images be sure to add your website address and link back to your page.
Happy Pinning :)

UPDATE: This Articel was just Featured on Divine Caroline's Home Page! Hop over and check it out.

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These are some tips that you should consider when you start and get successful with Pinterest, it is also important to know what photos or products did you want to pin.


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