Hiding our Utility Panel

 We've lived in our home for 6 amazing years and I have yet to find a way to hid this ugly, huge, utility panel in our laundry room.  It's such an eye sore. Our laundry room has an odd set up. From our kitchen I can see right into our laundry room and this is what I see. Not idea!

So I've been thinking and searching and pinning ideas and ways to hide this large, grey, ugly piece of metal. And I think I have found the solution!!!!

I purchased this large old mirror this past summer at a yard sale. I love old mirrors and the texture that they have in them. Because of the wires going to the utility box I decided not to put a screw in the wall for fear of being electrocuted. My solution.... I put a hook into the ceiling and hung the mirror with some chain. Adds a little more eye appeal. I added some visual peace of mind with the old lath board that I glued together to hang my wreath on. The "Winter" sign has been in my home for a few years. It was one of my favorite MOPS projects we've done.

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