5 Tips to Cut the Clutter

The Holidays bring a surplus of clutter. 
There is the wrapping paper, gifts that need to be wrapped, gifts that have been unwrapped, toys everywhere, baking supplies, handmade diy projects and everything else that goes with the hustle and bustle. 
This year BE PREPARED!
Organize the little stuff with envelopes.
Organize the Little Stuff - All of the little pieces of paper such as receipts, should be put in envelopes labeled and all placed in a basket or in a file so you know where to find them when a gift doesn't fit.

Clean out the closets and donate before the Holidays.
 Donate - There are so many people in need and we as a society have SO much. Clean out your closets, kids rooms, clothes that don't fit, that extra coffee pot under the cabinets or anything else you haven't used in the last year. Wondering where to donate to? I found this excellent list of 101 places that would gladly accept your Donations. Think local as well, I know of several places in our area that accept donations year round.

Americans spend over 3 Billion Dollars per year on Wrapping paper.
Wrapping Paper - Before you spend a small fortune on wrapping paper this year evaluate what you already have. Find a way to organize it. I made this wrapping paper holder a few years back and it's done wonders for me.
Set a budget and know who your buying gifts for this year.
Know What to Buy - My kids in particular are so blessed with Grandparents who spoil the heck out of them for the holidays with toys. Knowing this it greatly helps me to plan what I'll be buying for my kids. I like to buy things that are needed and useful. There are many Christmas Trackers out there so print one off and be prepared to use it.
Christmas decor is beautiful but takes up a lot of space.
Rearrange Your Home - Christmas decor is what makes the holidays fun. A bright tree, Christmas stalkings hung by the fire and a wreath for the front door. With all of the extras you might find your house feeling to tight and restricted especially with extra guests that may be visiting. Plan ahead with the placement of your decor. 

If your looking for more help with being Organized for the Holidays click HERE

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