$5.00 Wal-Mart Frame Made Pretty

 I recently decided to re-frame the above print. I had one of those plain wood Wal-Mart frames that I had gotten for $5.00s in my closet.
 I spray painted it all gray.
Once it dried I used some off-white paint watered down and brushed it over the entire frame.
 I let the paint dry....
 Once that was done I sanded to create that chic look.
 I then used some coordinating fabric I had on hand behind the print.
I think it looks great! And I love having a fresh look and adding a little more life to items I had around the house. 
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Jules Thoughts said...

Love it! Your so creative and the house is looking awesome!

Sabrina said...

Your so sweet Julie! Thank you - we should get together and do something crafty!


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