DIY Chalkboard Wall hanging

We made these super cute  interchangeable Chalkboard Wall Hangs at a recent MOPS meeting. There super fun and really easy to make.
Start with a 1/2 in board and cut it into 4x4inch pieces, you'll need 4 for each wall hang.

Then paint them with Chalkboard paint.

Cut a piece of burlap (the kind that's in a roll works best) to about a 2 feet span. Then glue your wood pieces to the burlap.

Cut a piece of twine. It should be about 9 inches long. Tie the ends together into a slip knot.

Cut another piece of burlap down to about a foot long. Fold together and glue the edge.

Then bunch in the middle to form a bow.

Use your cut piece of twine to go around the center. You will want to secure with a small bit of glue.

Your bow is ready :)

Glue the bow to the top center of your finished project and hang around your home. The word options are endless and this can be used for any season... Home, NOEL, Kiss, Love etc.
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