4 Simple Ways to Celebrate October

October is HERE! There are so many fun things about the change of seasons and the month of October! I'm trying to be more purposeful in creating memories for my family and celebrating the everyday. Here are four very simple things you can do today to celebrate the new month with your family.
4 Simple Ways to Celebrate October with Your Family!
1).Snacks: For kids snacks go a long way! These cookies we're such a hit with my kiddos in symbolizing the new month. I rarely buy pre-made cookies so it was even more of a thrill for them. 

 2). Entertainment: Netfilx has a bunch of family friendly Halloween and seasonal shows that you can watch as a family. You can find a great list by clicking HERE.

 3).Decor: I like seasonal decorating. It's fun to change the house up a bit. All of the things I have decorated with this year we're on hand from previous years.

 4).Family: No matter your family size, if they are all 2 legged or a few 4 legged, it's always memory making when you all come together, snuggle under blankets and just BE together.

 Happy October Friends! May you Celebrate the simplicity of this month!

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