Save $ and Time with these Mixes in a Jar

My friends its FRIDAY!!!!
And today I spent a little time in the kitchen preparing some go to mixes that I find we use often. By taking 30 minutes to prepare these 10 mixes I'm saving myself some valuable time in the kitchen! My days seem to fly by at times as I'm working so the more simplicity and planning ahead I can do the better! 
Not only does it save on time but there is some remarkable savings in the pocketbook as well. I made 10 mixes with ingredients I had on hand. The beauty of this is your able to control what goes into your jar, no extra fluff that might be in the prepackaged stuff. 

Steps to Creating YOUR Own Mixes 
Step 1: Print out these super cute labels (instructions below) 
Step 2: Assemble your ingredients. If you have them all out in once place it goes much quicker. 
Step 3: Pour ingredients into jars. I used a jar funnel to make the process less messy. 
{A super cute helper is optional}
Step 4: Place labels onto jars. 

I chose to make...

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
 (An all time favorite for my kids! See the full recipe HERE)
Corn Bread
Pancake Mix 
Brownie Mix

 To print off your own labels simply left click the image and save it to your computer. Then print off onto 2" x 4" labels. I personally used Avery white #18163. 
If you would like the printable to be emailed to you please leave me a comment below, Ill gladly send them your way!

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