October Essential Oil Blend & Why You should use it!

Essential Oils have become such a welcomed part to our days.
Each season brings different favorite blends for us and for the month of October this Farmers' Market Blend hits the spot! 

October Farmers' Market Diffuser Blend

6 drops of Orange Oil
4 drops of Clove Oil
2 drops of Frankincense Oil

Why use this Blend in the Fall?

During the Fall season we loose sunlight and our days become shorter, the temperatures drop, sickness begins to go around and many find they are feeling  a bit down both mentally and physically.
The benefits to this blend are perfect for the season! The Orange oil is very uplifting, immunity booster, that is calming. The Clove oil is a warm, woody scent this also promotes a healthy immune system and to ward off free radicals that cause sickness. Frankincense oil has an earthy scent that also promotes personal wellness and helps to relieve stress and depression. 
If your looking for a source to purchase oils try HERE. There 100% PURE and shipped directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep. I know you'll love them! 

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