Transformation Tuesday: Winter Flower Pots

The countdown to spring is on! 
We've finally seen some warm days and the snow is melting and I can now see my front yard again. And its a bit dull.
 I spent about 10 minutes to liven it up and didn't spend a dime. 
 Our local eclectic company trimmed some trees by our home this past week and left the trimmings next to the trees. 
 I grabbed the handsaw and chopped up the branches so they would fit in my pots that we're feeling so very sad. 
Gives our dirt driveway a little green in the mist of all of the dry grass, mud and bland yard appearance this time of year. 

 There was enough clippings from the branches that I was able to fill the pot on the front porch as well to change up the winter décor. 
Wishing you all a week full of wellness! 

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